PHCC is a cooperative preschool that requires help and feedback from parents.  Each parent is expected to have a ‘job’ at the school to help keep our program running well and our children happy.



  • Plans and prepares one lesson a month on your given working day. This will be done in cooperation with your child’s teacher.
  • 1 per class




  • You will be the working parent at each of the celebrations.
  • You will plan crafts, games, stories, food, etc for each of the celebrations.
  • The teacher will provide you with an outline of what she might like to have at each party.
  • The teacher may ask you to communicate to your class about what is needed for each party as far as donations or activities.
  • EACH CLASS will be given $125 for the year to use for celebrations. You will need to attach receipts and submit a reimbursement form.
  • 2 per class




  • Your responsibilities include working in cooperation with your child’s teacher in scheduling working parents for each school day on a monthly basis
  • You will need to maintain a master list of days worked by individual parents to ensure that each family is asked to work a fair number of times.
  • Schedule is to be prepared for distribution by the middle of the prior month.
  • Email format provided by President.
  • Include all birthdays and build in any summer birthdays.
  • Please plan to receive availability from parents which may change on a monthly basis.
  • 1 per class




  • Your responsibilities include working in cooperation with your child’s teacher in planning, preparing and conducting monthly food experience.
  • You will provide any ingredients needed to make the snack.
  • 1 per class




  • The field trip parent will work in cooperation with your child’s teacher to arranging field trips.
  • You will need to prepare, distribute, and collect permission slips.
  • The field trip parent will collect field trip funds and organize them for the teacher.
  • 1 per class




  • Student library check out will occur on Mondays at the beginning of each class.
  • You may need to repair any books in need of attention.
  • The Librarian will also need to maintain a record of which books have been checked out by each student
  • 1 for each of the 4s classes




  • Your responsibilities include handing out order forms when they come to the school.
  • You will need to collect any orders turned in, and place the order online.
  • When the order arrives, you will need to sort the order and label for those who ordered.
  • The scholastic parent will consult the teachers on a monthly basis to see what titles need to be added to the school’s collection.
  • 1 for the school




  • The arts and crafts parent will need to take home any materials needed to be used in the classroom.
  • You may be asked to cut, assemble and prepare materials as needed.
  • 1 or 2 per class




  • At the beginning of the school year, this parent will create a closed Facebook group. The parent will then ask other parents in the class to join the group and add them.
  • This parent will be responsible for updating the FB page and posting reminders as needed.
  • 1 for each of the 3s classes




  • This job requires that the parent plan to spend one hour a month helping to clean the classroom.
  • The teacher and parent can decide on a time/date what suits both of their schedules.
  • 1 per class




  • This parent will work closely with the fundraising team.
  • You will be responsible for planning, and collecting items for the given class basket.
  • The Bingo Liaison will attend Bingo planning meetings.
  • The Bingo Liaison should plan to volunteer with other fundraising tasks when Bingo is over.
  • 1 per class




  • Each class has a Historian to take pictures (candid photos, at parties, field trips, etc.) throughout the school year of all children in class that have signed the photo release form.
  • Historians will be compensated at a per student rate for materials used to make the class year books.
    • Please ask teacher for your class budget. Any money spent over this budget is the responsibility of the Historian (not parents).
    • Makes purchases for class yearbooks and will be reimbursed by submitting a PHCC reimbursement form and attaching receipts.
  • The historian can also set up a digital drop box where other parents can upload pictures they may take while working with the children.
  • 1 per class




This parent will be asked to assist with the following tasks:

  • Clean vacuum filter on a monthly basis.
  • Sweep mulch from the sidewalk back into the playground.
  • Take home the smocks and dress ups on a bi-monthly schedule to wash and return to school.
  • Assist in fixing items in the school that may be in need of attention.
  • Check the playground for safety concerns.
  • The parent will need to check the recycling bin in the classroom frequently.
  • 1 per class